Boat Rigging


We offer an extremely competitively priced in house service for making up standing rigging to your specifications. We use world renown, Harken fittings, acknowledged within the industry as the best available.

Versatile and thorough in our approach, you can expect the same attention to detail whether your rigging needs are for a cruising or racing yacht. You can give us your specs, or we can work from the boat itself in water.

As distributors for Harken in Bermuda, we can supply any of their vast range of boat fittings. We stock 316 grade stainless steel rigging wire in standard sizes in 1 x19 and 7 x 19 formats.

Other constructions; galvanized wire, double braid rope, spectra and vectran are carried in stock at all times. There are numerous different types of ropes (wire and traditional) for differing applications. Ropes stocked are for use in marine rigging, guying, crane ropes, winch ropes, shade structures and many others.

At Triangle Rigging, we work on both standard rigging (all wiring that holds up the mast) and running rigging (pretty much everything else including halyards, sheets and all the ropes that you can pull). We can also make up halyards, strops, lifelines etc to your requirements.